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AfricanButters is an established natural beauty brand that specializes in the production of natural hair and skin beauty products. The brand caters to everyone in South Africa who prioritize quality, natural and customer experience that meets your personal beauty needs : Our brand would always strive to make sure that every client get healthy looking hair and good natural skin maintenance.

We use botanical ingredients to create the most luxurious products to nourish your hair for a clean luster Afro look, easier to comb though and growth. Our NEW skincare ranges is tailored to specific needs along with personal hygiene.

The Brand’s focus has always been on using natural organic seed-oils and butters to make healthier young-looking and vibrant skincare and hair care ranges.

Our products are never tested on animals and are of the highest quality incorporating organic African grown nuts, fruits, seeds and flowers from which we get our natural butters and oils. We are very pleased to let you know that our products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and uniqueness of each product.

Our mission is to innovatilvely produce base products that are natural, healthier alternative for 4c Afro hair and brown melanin skin of all types. We are available online based in Johannesburg South Africa. AfricanButters was established by one individual — who is not in the public domain as they feel the brand speaks for itself. The owner had been selling unrefined shea butter since 2015 that was geared towards having all women join the Natural Hair Movement NHM, an interesting journey filled with exhilarating highs and constructive lows. It is definitely incredible how much confidence the NHM can give both to sellers of natural hair beauty and consumers of their products! The pleasure of inspiration are evident in every aspect of rocking natural hair of every curl type and color.

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