You don’t have to always be productive and “doing stuff” to be worthy and valuable. You are already valuable! – every woman needs to hear this.

It’s too easy to let outside events or things that people say to us get the best of us sometimes but, ultimately, our vivacity are our responsibility!

Why it is really UP TO YOU to have self worth -:

It is very important for you to always put your self worth as a priority throughout your daily lives. You may be taking care of your family, a small business vendor in the busiest streets of Johannesburg or a small scale farmer in the province of North West or in Delmas Mpumalanga. Many things are important to you both in the family and in the external world. You have to remember your self worth. You may ask why, here are some reasons as to why:

If you not worthy of love;
If you not worthy of success;
of which a lot of people are in that frame of mind then,
it may translate into a lot of difficulties in your day to day lives
in your “suppose to be successes, families etc” and a lot of people are
in that state of mind sadly.
You are not alone though, this is a phenomenon that has plagued humanity for a very long time. We have drafted some self care tips:

  • Physical : Sleep, stretching, walking, resting.
  • Emotional : Stress management, emotional maturity, forgiveness, compassion, kindness.
  • Social : Boundaries, support systems, positive social media, communication, time together, asking for help.
  • Spiritual : Praying.

Remove the the actions and behaviors that deposit more negativity in your life, instead of only pouring positivity into your life.

The curiosity of always wanting to know what is trending on social media has unfortunately made us, spend hours on fussing, criticizing, and becoming distracted. This is one of the things that is draining you more than it could improved your life. It happens often and many times people just don’t know it is happening because it is a routine or a habit we choose to have everyday of our lives. Everyday of drooling over a pictures or information that may represent something that creates lack of faith in humanity etc, you will notice that every day the majority of what’s reported is not very positive for you and should not always be digested into your emotions.

By decreasing the intake of social media, you remove the negative investment and replace it with something else, preferably something peaceful and encouraging. Taking into consideration that you can read a book before you open Facebook or Twitter. How about a walk around the park. Is there anything you would like to learn? Cooking, gardening, writing? Learn a new skill or craft and maybe turn it into a side business who knows, maybe one day South Africa could benefit from it. Participate in empowering discussions with family. Exercise together with your family. Enjoy a bubble bath and learn how to make one from scratch!. You get the point, make it positive.

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